6th Annual David Wood Memorial Chili Cook-Off Results

This year the David Wood Memorial Chili Cook-Off had eight entries. Chili chefs included David Bird, Debbie Bush, Travis Bush, Rick Campbell, Dave Cassesa, Lora Rodgers, Ed Tanner, and Buddy Wallace. The overall winner, and new unofficial Mayor of Petersburg for the ensuing term, was Debbie Bush, followed by David Bird in second, and Dave Cassesa in third.

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The category winners were:

Traditional: Dave Cassesa, first place; Buddy Wallace, second place; Lora Rodgers, third place.


Hot: Rick Campbell, first place; Travis Bush, second place; Ed Tanner, third place.


Exotic: Debbie Bush, first place; David Bird, second place.

Overall the David Wood Memorial Chili Cook-Off was a great success with receipts of over $1400 for the various community programs of Elvin E. Helms No. 926.

Bro. Mike Moses of Boone-Union No. 304 won the split-the-pot.