Current Officers

Henry “Buddy” Wallace, Master
Phone Number: 859-586-6985

Jason Wallace (Mary Beth), Senior Warden
Phone Number: 859-689-9175
Email Address:

Adam Gross (Jillian), Junior Warden
Phone Number: 859-630-8722
Email Address:

Dan Kemble (Holly), Secretary
Phone Number: 859-801-3095
Email Address:

Travis Bush (Debbie), Treasurer
Phone Number: 859-250-1783
Email Address:

Sammy Meyerratken, Senior Deacon
Phone Number: 513-609-6690
Email Address:

Dennis Stephens, Junior Deacon
Phone Number: 859-586-4206

Ed Tanner, Senior Steward
Phone Number: 859-240-5986
Email Address:

Bob Bradford (Mickie), Junior Steward
Phone Number: 859-443-6692
Email Address:

Rick Campbell, Tyler
Phone Number: 859-991-4206

Mel Kinser, Chaplain
Email Address:

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