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Bicycles for School Attendance Winners

As the school year drew to an end, the students of Kelly Elementary School were excited to see who would win the bikes donated by our Lodge as part of the Grand Master’s program. Shelly Hoxmeier, Kelly Family Resource Center, told us that the children loved their new bikes and commented, “Such a fun time to be a kid! Thank you all so much!”








A Busy Night in Petersburg

The Brothers of Elvin E. Helms No. 926 have long said that if you miss one meeting you miss a lot. That would be an understatement for our May 10, 2016 Stated Communication.

Brother Sammy Meyerratken, our Entered Apprentice, turned in his proficiency, which was accepted unanimously by the Brothers present. He will receive the Fellow Craft Degree on Thursday, June 30. A fellowship meal will be served at 6:30pm, followed by Degree work at 7:30pm. Worshipful Brother Jim Herzog will confer the Degree.


Our guest speaker for the evening was Worshipful Brother Donald I. Crews of Nova Caesarea Harmony No. 2 in Cincinnati, OH. N.C. Harmony No. 2 has a storied and star-studded history spanning its 225+ years. Brother Crews is the author of Cincinnati’s Freemasons, which is a great source of information. His presentation covered an amazing quantity of local history, how Freemasonry traveled to Ohio, the founding of the Most Worshipful Grand Lodge of Ohio, the founding of the Most Worshipful Prince Hall Grand Lodge of Ohio, through contemporary times. Brother Crews’s book is very reasonably priced and would be an excellent addition to any Masonic Library. An autographed copy if now available in the Elvin E. Helms Library. Brother Crews was also presented with an Honorary Membership in Elvin E. Helms No. 926.


Brother Ed Tanner, P.M., Secretary received the Bluegrass Ritualist pin. Congratulations Brother Ed! Brother Adam Gross, P.M., Senior Deacon received the Bluegrass Senior Ritualist pin. Congratulations Brother Adam!


Brother Jason Wallace, P.M., Junior Warden took the Grand Master’s Constitution Quiz on behalf of Elvin E. Helms No. 926 and passed with flying colors. Worshipful Brother Dan Kemble, District Deputy Grand Master, District 18, Grand Lodge of Kentucky, presented Brother Jason with his Constitution Scholar pin. He is pictured above showing it off.

Elvin E. Helms No. 926 will also be sponsoring a trophy at the 7th Annual 1200 Club Car Show. This event is organized annually by Jeff and Vicki Moermond. Worshipful Brother Jeff Moermond is also the District Deputy Grand Master, District 19, Grand Lodge of Kentucky this year. Proceeds from the car show will equally benefit the Cincinnati Shriner’s Hospital for Children and the Scottish Rite RiteCare program. The car show will be held in the parking lot of Furniture Fair in Cold Spring, KY on Saturday, June 4th from 9:00am until 4:00pm. For directions, click here.

Elvin E. Helms No. 926 has voted to propose two legislation changes to our Grand Lodge Constitution. A proposed change to Section 104 would permit Lodges who choose to do so to hold business meetings on the Entered Apprentice, Fellow Craft, or Master Mason Degree. If accepted, Section 128 would additionally be amended to specify that only Master Masons are eligible to vote or participate in Secret Ballot. It is proposed that Section 104 is amended to read:

“Any subordinate Lodge may, at its discretion, with the consent of a majority of the members present and duly noted in its minutes, elect to conduct all Lodge business on any of the three degrees of Masonry (Entered Apprentice, Fellow Craft or Master Mason).  Such election shall remain in force until the Lodge, with the consent of a majority of the members present and duly noted in its minutes, shall revoke such election.

In all instances, only Master Masons shall have the right to vote.

Unless a subordinate Lodge affirmatively acts to elect to conduct its business on the Entered Apprentice Degree or the Fellow Craft Degree, all Lodge business shall be done in a Lodge of Master Masons.

The above provisions notwithstanding, conferring Degrees, examination of proficiencies and trials of members shall all be held in a Lodge opened on the Degree corresponding.”

If Section 104 is adopted as above, it would additionally be proposed that Section 128 be amended to read:

“In all cases every ballot shall be strictly secret, whether a favorable or unfavorable ballot was cast:  and every brother shall be secured in his right to cast his ballot privately for or against a candidate, as between himself and his own conscience.  If anyone shall  make known or reveal his or another’s vote in secret ballot he shall be guilty of unmasonic conduct and subject to trial.

Balloting is the exercise of a personal right and the performance of in individual duty.  No member shall act for another in casting a ballot.

Who Votes.  Every member of the Grand or a subordinate lodge to which he belongs, if eligible pursuant to Section 104, must vote, if present, unless excused.

Candidates for the degrees may be voted upon collectively.  If, upon a collective ballot one or more unfavorable ballots appear, then each candidate must immediately be voted upon separately the same as if no ballot had been taken.

How Excused.  The power to excuse a brother from voting is not in the Master or Grand Master, but in the lodge or Grand Lodge, and rests with the majority.”

Bikes Delivered to Kelly Elementary School

Another great part of the Grand Master’s Lodge of Excellence Award for this year is the Bikes for Attendance program. Lodges across the state of Kentucky have been encouraged to place bicycles in elementary schools to be awarded for perfect attendance, encouraging and motivating young students not to miss school. We at Elvin E. Helms No. 926 thought this was a great program to participate in and have done so. We delivered 6 bicycles to Kelly Elementary School to be awarded to perfect attendance students at the end of the school year. Starting off the summer break with a new bicycle will be amazing for our 6 best attending students.


2016 Great Day of Service

Four members of Elvin E. Helms No. 926 were among the crowd of two hundred Brother Masons and their families who came out to participate in the 2016 Great Day of Service at the Shelbyville Campus of the Masonic Homes of Kentucky. With such a large and hard working crew we made quick work of cleaning and beautifying around the campus. District 18 was well represented in Shelbyville with Brothers from Golden Rule-Covington No. 109, Colonel Clay No. 159, Boone-Union No. 304, Elvin E. Helms No. 926, William O. Ware No. 999.


Pictured above, left to right: Dan Kemble, District Deputy Grand Master, District 18, Grand Lodge of Kentucky; Adam Gross, P.M., Senior Deacon; Ernie Stratton, P.M., Master; and Ed Tanner, P.M., Secretary.

After the day’s work was completed we took the opportunity to visit the chapel and spend some time admiring its beautiful stained glass windows.

Ecclesiastes 12:1-7
Symbols of Freemasonry: The Hourglass
Symbols of Freemasonry: The Sun and Moon
Symbols of Freemasonry: The All Seeing Eye
Symbols of Freemasonry: The Holy Bible, The Square, and The Compass
Symbols of Freemasonry: The Checkered Pavement
Symbols of Freemasonry: The Altar
Symbols of Freemasonry: Pot of Incense
Symbols of Freemasonry: The Beehive
Symbols of Freemasonry: The Ark and Anchor
Symbols of Freemasonry: The 47th Problem of Euclid

Elvin E. Helms Adopts Masonic Homes Resident

Elvin E. Helms has adopted Masonic Homes resident Brother James Russell Ross of St. George No. 239. Brother Ross is 78 years old and his mailing address is Sam Swope Care Center, 3503 Moyers Circle, Masonic Home, KY 40041. He is in room 245 of Campbell House. Brother Ross is a Louisville native and has been a member of the fraternity since 1971. His birthday is December 23. Please add Brother Ross to your mailing list for Christmas cards and birthday cards. Be sure to visit him when you are in the Louisville area and feel free to send him other cards, letters, and gifts as the occasion arises. Please especially remember to keep Brother Ross in your prayers. Welcome, Brother Ross, to the family of Elvin E. Helms Lodge!

5th Annual David Wood Memorial Chili Cook-off Results

This year the David Wood Memorial Chili Cook-off had seven entries. Chili chefs included Ed Tanner, Rick Campbell, Adam Gross, Laura Rodgers, Travis Bush, Debbie Bush, and Buddy Wallace. The overall winner this year was Brother Adam Gross, receiving a total of $204 in votes. This makes Brother Adam the unofficial Mayor of Petersburg for the ensuing twelve months, or until his successor has been installed. Brother Adam also won first place in the traditional category. Second place in the traditional category was Brother Rick Campbell, while Brother Ed Tanner finished a distant third. Winners in the exotic category were Brother Travis Bush, first place, Debbie Bush, second place, and Laura Rodgers, third place. Brother Buddy Wallace finished first in the hot category. Brother Adam also won the split the pot and donated his winnings back to our Christmas Fund for Kelley Elementary School.


Pictured above, left to right: Brother Ed Tanner, Brother Rick Campbell, Debbie Bush, and Brother Buddy Wallace.

Thanks to all of our Brothers and friends who joined us at this year’s chili cook-off. We enjoyed a time of good food and fellowship and we look forward to next year’s cook-off. Thanks for helping make this a successful event.

5th Annual David Wood Chili Cook-Off


On Saturday, April 2, 2016, Elvin E. Helms Lodge No. 926 will host its 5th Annual David Wood Memorial Chili Cook-off.  Festivities will begin at 10:00 A.M. and winners will be announced at 3:00 P.M.  The event will be held at the Petersburg Community Center, 6517 Market Street, Petersburg, Kentucky, 41080.

Lodge members, family and friends can enter and everybody can vote. There will be three classes: classic, exotic and hot (!). There will be prizes in each class. Bring any condiments you want to accent your chili. Our Lodge will provide iced tea and water (soda will be available). Judging is simple, just put a $ 1 donation in the ballot box of your favorite chili. You may cast as many votes as you want and we encourage you to vote often!! Winners will be announced at 3:00 P.M.

2016 Elvin E. Helms Lodge No. 926 Essay Contest

Elvin E. Helms Lodge No. 926 is again pleased to announce that it is sponsoring an essay contest open to certain students in the Boone County, Kentucky, public schools.

The sixth annual Bernard A. “Barney” Hogan Essay Contest is open to all high school juniors in the Boone County Schools.  The topic of this year’s essay is “Freemasonry in American History.”

Last year’s winners were:

1st Place – Christopher Sanders, Conner High School

2nd Place – Sarah Moore, Ryle High School

3rd Place – Kendra Fogt, Ryle High School

Honorable Mention – Sydney Taylor, Conner High School

Entries should be typewritten, double spaced and contain a minimum of 750 words up to a maximum of 1,500 words.

Essays must be submitted by U. S. mail and must be postmarked no later than April 30, 2016.  Contestants should include their contact information along with their submission.

All essays should be sent to:

Elvin E. Helms Lodge No. 926
c/o Dan Kemble
1540 St. Clair Street
Covington, Kentucky  41011

Winners will receive the following prizes:

1st Place – $ 250.00

2nd Place – $ 125.00

3rd Place – $ 75.00

Honorable Mention – $ 50.00

Winners will be announced May 10, 2016.

For additional information, please call Dan Kemble at 859.801.3095 or e-mail him at

Shrine Circus 2016


Mark your calendars for the 9th annual Shrine Circus! The Shrine Circus will be in town February 26 through 28, 2016 at the BB&T Arena at Northern Kentucky University (500 Louie B. Nunn Drive, Highland Heights, KY 41099). Tickets start at just $10! Help support Shriner’s Hospitals for Children and enjoy enjoy all of the family friendly attractions at the circus. Mason’s Night is Friday the 26th.

2015 Christmas for Kelly Elementary School

Our fund raising efforts to provide Christmas gifts for students at Kelly Elementary School were successful again this year.  Our Lodge raised enough money to provide gifts for ten children who otherwise may have had very little for Christmas.  We were able to provide each child with shoes, shirts, pants, other miscellaneous clothing and toys.  Thanks to Bro. Allan Stephens for his assistance in procuring much of the clothing.  Thanks also to Bro. Jason Wallace and Mary Beth Wallace for completing the shopping and delivering the gifts to the school.  A special thanks to Shelly Hoxmeier, Family Resource Center Director, for her efforts in identifying the students in need and providing the shopping lists.  Merry Christmas to all of our friends and Kelly Elementary School.

All of the donors to our Kelly Elementary Fund had their names entered in a drawing for two $ 250 pre-paid Visa gift cards.  This year’s winners were Bro. Buddy Wallace, our Senior Warden and the Master of Burlington Lodge No. 264, and Bro. John Schmidt, of Louisville Lodge No. 400.  Congratulations to Bro. Buddy and Bro. John!