Visit to Bro. J. R. Ross

Bro. Ed Tanner and Bro. Dan Kemble visit with Bro. J. R. Ross at the Sam Swope Care Center, Louisville, Kentucky.

On Saturday, May 20, members of our Lodge visited Bro. J. R. Ross at The Masonic Homes in Louisville.  Bro. Ross is a resident at the Sam Swope Care Center and is a member of St. George Lodge No. 239 in Louisville.  He is a 43-year member of our Fraternity.  Bro. Ross never married and has no children.  His Lodge Brothers are truly his family.  Through the assistance of Worshipful Bro. Bruce Lott, our Lodge “adopted” Bro. Ross in 2016.

We found Bro. Ross to be in good health and in good spirits.  He was happy to see his Brothers from Elvin E. Helms Lodge and especially thanked us for the afghan that we sent him last Christmas.  During the course of our visit, Bro. Ross said at least a half dozen times that he thanked God daily for having the good fortune to live in the Masonic Homes.

The Sam Swope Care Center is a beautiful facility.  As evidenced by Bro. Ross, the residents are well cared for and happy in their surroundings.  Seeing our Brother so happy and content is a vivid demonstration of the importance of the Masonic Care program.  We can all be proud of the job done by The Masonic Homes of Kentucky.

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