March 2017 Stated Communication

The stated meeting of Elvin E. Helms Lodge No. 926 on March 14, 2017 saw a full house at Lodge despite Winter’s last blast of cold weather and snow.  We were honored to have representatives from five other District 18 Lodges in attendance at our meeting, including four current Masters – Worshipful Bro. David Bird from Good Faith Lodge No. 95, Worshipful Bro. Joe Deck from Bradford Lodge No. 123, Worshipful Bro. Sean Weaver from Phoenix Lodge No. 719 and Worshipful Bro. Tom Cooper from Hebron Lodge No. 757.

Bradford Lodge No. 123, with six in attendance, claimed the District 18 Traveling Gavel.

Worshipful Bro. Eddie Hazelett, Past Master of Paintsville Lodge No. 381 and current member of the Grand Lodge of Kentucky’s Committee on Education, presented our Masonic Education for the evening.  Worshipful Bro. Hazelett told the story of how Scots Masons were involved in the construction of the White House in Washington, D. C.  Bro. Hazelett’s presentation was excellent and the Lodge presented him with an honorary membership in Elvin E. Helms Lodge no. 926.

Click here to view Worshipful Bro. Eddie Hazelett’s presentation.

We were delighted to have Worshipful Bro. Al Collier in Lodge with us again.  Bro. Al has been caring for his wife, Jenny, who has been ill.  Being a full-time caregiver, Bro. Al has been unable to attend Lodge.  He and Jenny recently celebrated their 66th wedding anniversary.  Congratulations to Bro. Al and Jenny and may they enjoy many more anniversaries.

We received good news regarding Bro. Garry Kelly’s recovery.  Bro. Garry has been responding to treatment and will continue to receive therapy in Florida.  His address is:

Bro. Garry C. Kelly
Room 1414
Orlando Health Rehabilitation Institute
52 Underwood Street
Orlando, Florida  32806

Please feel free to drop Bro. Garry a line or a card to cheer him.

Our Lodge is draped in mourning to observe the death of Bro. Emmett Ralph Elliott, a 52-year member of our Lodge.  Bro. Elliott died on March 3, 2017.

Our next meeting is Tuesday, April 11.  Please join us for a good time of food, fellowship and Masonic Education.

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