Fellow Craft Degree at Good Faith No. 95

On Friday, August 26 the Brothers of Good Faith No. 95 met for the purpose of conferring the Fellow Craft Degree upon Brother Brian Carroll under the direction of Acting Master David Bird. The Letter G Lecture was given by Worshipful Brother Dan Kemble, District Deputy Grand Master, District 18, Grand Lodge of Kentucky. Worshipful Brother George Scott gave the Stair Lecture. Worshipful Brother Adam Gross gave the Fellow Craft Charge. The Bluegrass Ritualist points earned by Brother Gross gave him the required number of points to attain the Senior Ritualist award.


Pictured above, left to right: Ernie Hughes, P.M., Junior Steward; David Bird, Senior Warden; Worshipful Master Erich Creech, P.M.; Brian Carroll, our new Fellow Craft; Bob Lainhart, P.M., Treasurer; Bill Breeze, P.M., Chaplain; Paul Long, Senior Steward; and Orville Bryant, Tiler.


Pictured above, left to right: Brian Carroll, Sammy Meyerratken, and Adam Larkin, Fellow Craft Brothers all. Brothers Sammy and Adam came out to support Brother Brian Carroll and to see the Fellow Craft Degree from the other side.


Pictured above, left to right: Adam Gross, P.M., Senior Deacon; Sammy Meyerratken; Dan Kemble, District Deputy Grand Master, District 18, Grand Lodge of Kentucky; Garry Kelly, P.M.; Worshipful Master Ernie Stratton, P.M.

Elvin E. Helms No. 926 was well represented on this occasion, with 5 total members present. This was sufficient to claim the District 18 Traveling Gavel. You can come visit our Lodge on Tuesday, September 13 to claim the gavel for your Lodge. As usual, we will be serving a great Fellowship Meal at 6:30pm followed by our Stated Communication at 7:30pm.

If you’ve never been to Elvin E. Helms No. 926 please stop by and visit our storied Lodge in historic Petersburg, KY. On top of being one of the friendliest Lodges going and the great food that we serve at every meeting, we have one of the best education programs you’ll find anywhere. At our September Stated Communication our guest speaker will be Illustrious Brother Bill Lorenz. He will be presenting on the subjects of Magic Squares and Magic Numbers.

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