2016 Widow’s and Awards Dinner

Elvin E. Helms Lodge No. 926 celebrated its 2016 Widow’s and Awards Day Dinner on Saturday, August 13, at the Petersburg Community Center. Members and guests enjoyed barbecue chicken provided by the Lodge and prepared by Holly Kemble. An array of sides and desserts were provided by other members of the Lodge.


We had a great turnout for this year’s festivities. Some of the group are pictured above.


Our featured chef, Mrs. Holly Kemble.

Four of our widows were able to join us for the event:


Ms. Marilyn Peters.


Ms. Debbie Wood with Worshipful Brother Travis Bush.


Ms. Patricia Hogan.


Ms. Wanda Walston.


Worshipful Brother Travis Bush was presented with a plaque commemorating his service as two-time Master of our Lodge.



Last but not least, Worshipful Brother Adam Gross won the split-the-pot. He donated his winnings to the Kelley Elementary Christmas Fund.

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