July 2016 Stated Communication

It was “Patriotic Shirt Night” at Elvin E. Helms Lodge No. 926 on Tuesday, July 12.

Our Secretary, Bro. Ed Tanner, looked mighty spiffy in his red, white and blue shirt.


Bro. Ed, along with WM Ernie Stratton and MWPGM Keith Dreier, Grand Treasurer of the Grand Lodge of Kentucky, are pictured above.

MW Bro. Keith spoke about the day to day operations of the Grand Lodge and gave an overview of issues that the Grand Lodge handles on a daily basis. He stated that despite the fraternal nature of our Order, it is necessary to manage the Grand Lodge in a professional and businesslike manner. He also spoke about the relationship of the Masonic Homes and the Masonic Home Journal to the Grand Lodge. MW Bro. Keith further advised the Craft that although the Grand Lodge of Kentucky is a tax exempt organization, gifts to the Grand Lodge, unlike gifts to the Scottish Rite Foundation or the Masonic Homes, are not deductible for income tax purposes. MW. Bro. Keith also mentioned the success of the Grand Master’s bicycle program. As of this time, Kentucky Masons have donated 906 bicycles to local schools. District 18 Lodges contributed 78, or roughly 9% of that number. Once again, District 18 is among the state leaders in participation. Following his presentation, MW Bro. Keith was made an honorary member of our Lodge and presented with an Elvin E. Helms Lodge lapel pin. We wish MW Bro. Keith well in his office as Grand Treasurer hope that he is a frequent visitor to our Lodge.

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