Amazing Discoveries and Rediscoveries in Sacred Geometry

Frank Chester is an artist, sculptor, and educator. He is also a geometrician. In fact, he may be the most important geometrician that has ever lived, and this is not an overstatement. He has rediscovered many of the ancient secrets of Sacred Geometry and that’s not all. He has made a new discovery, that of a 7 sided form, which he has dubbed the Chestahedron. He named the form so partly for himself as its discoverer, and partly because of it’s incredible relation to the form and function of the human heart which, of course, resides in the chest.

He has made available a lecture on his discoveries: The New Sacred Geometry of Frank Chester: The Chestahedron and the Wonder of Seven.

Frank Chester has written a book called A New Sacred Geometry and is available for purchase on his website at Prints, jewelry, and sculptures are available as well.

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