2016 Great Day of Service

Four members of Elvin E. Helms No. 926 were among the crowd of two hundred Brother Masons and their families who came out to participate in the 2016 Great Day of Service at the Shelbyville Campus of the Masonic Homes of Kentucky. With such a large and hard working crew we made quick work of cleaning and beautifying around the campus. District 18 was well represented in Shelbyville with Brothers from Golden Rule-Covington No. 109, Colonel Clay No. 159, Boone-Union No. 304, Elvin E. Helms No. 926, William O. Ware No. 999.


Pictured above, left to right: Dan Kemble, District Deputy Grand Master, District 18, Grand Lodge of Kentucky; Adam Gross, P.M., Senior Deacon; Ernie Stratton, P.M., Master; and Ed Tanner, P.M., Secretary.

After the day’s work was completed we took the opportunity to visit the chapel and spend some time admiring its beautiful stained glass windows.

Ecclesiastes 12:1-7
Symbols of Freemasonry: The Hourglass
Symbols of Freemasonry: The Sun and Moon
Symbols of Freemasonry: The All Seeing Eye
Symbols of Freemasonry: The Holy Bible, The Square, and The Compass
Symbols of Freemasonry: The Checkered Pavement
Symbols of Freemasonry: The Altar
Symbols of Freemasonry: Pot of Incense
Symbols of Freemasonry: The Beehive
Symbols of Freemasonry: The Ark and Anchor
Symbols of Freemasonry: The 47th Problem of Euclid

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