April Masonic Education

Brother Kevin Schneider, P.M., Bradford No. 123 was the Masonic Education guest speaker at our April Stated Communication. He spoke on the subject of the return on your Masonic investment. Brother Kevin directs a Lodge of Instruction at Bradford No. 123 which meets every 3rd Thursday at 7:00pm.


Pictured above, left to right: Ernie Stratton, P.M., Master, Elvin E. Helms No. 926; Kevin Schneider, P.M., Bradford No. 123.

Return on Your Masonic Investment

  • As humans we all decide where to invest (time, money, etc.) into efforts that give us an ROI (Return on Investment). Would you agree? Masonry is no different.
  • When you joined the Fraternity what was the return that you were expecting? Was it social? Was it business benefits? Or did you believe the advertisement (Masonry makes good men better)?
  • So the promised return (you will be a better man) requires an investment (Labor)
  • So what do we do after someone joins our Lodge? What is the reason for having them do this? (the three-month MM drill so they get to meetings)
  • What are the long-term results? Does that routine help them get the return they seek??
  • What is the solution?
  • Our failing to provide an ROI is either a focus on the wrong “return” or we are having making the wrong investment (Labor)
  • Men are joining for the right “return.” How do we get them the ROI we seek?

Let me say this: our fraternity is an act of genius. It is brilliant in its construction. There is nothing about it that is random. Everything in our ritual has a literal and symbolic meaning.

  • Look at our ritual. It has clear purpose. It tells us how to make good men better. WE JUST HAVE TO FOLLOW IT!! We have to do the right work. We are told that we are to labor in each degree
  • Who here labors (or did)? Did you do that work by hand? You used tools.
  • The ritual tells us what tools to use AND how to use them. It is the MAP of the PATH to follow to reach the goal, to get the return
  • EA Degree. What are the tools? How are they meant to be used?
  • What was the last time you made an EA use these tools? We should be. We are TOLD to do it!!
  • What does the 24″ gauge teach? Time management. What does the gavel teach? (Rid ourselves of superfluities)
  • Our ritual uses the terms Freemason(ry) and Mason(ry) distinctly
  • So what is the purpose of proficiency? It teaches us what to do at each stage (Freemasonic map preservation)
  • It is up to each Brother to DO the work (Masonry)
  • But it is up to this Lodge to hold a Brother accountable for doing the work before advancing them.
  • You now have a choice… Will you do things the same old way?

Presented by Brother Kevin Schneider (Bradford No. 123). The opinions expressed here are solely those of the presenter. They are not intended to reflect any official opinion of the Grand Lodge or of any subordinate Lodge.


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