Elvin E. Helms Adopts Masonic Homes Resident

Elvin E. Helms has adopted Masonic Homes resident Brother James Russell Ross of St. George No. 239. Brother Ross is 78 years old and his mailing address is Sam Swope Care Center, 3503 Moyers Circle, Masonic Home, KY 40041. He is in room 245 of Campbell House. Brother Ross is a Louisville native and has been a member of the fraternity since 1971. His birthday is December 23. Please add Brother Ross to your mailing list for Christmas cards and birthday cards. Be sure to visit him when you are in the Louisville area and feel free to send him other cards, letters, and gifts as the occasion arises. Please especially remember to keep Brother Ross in your prayers. Welcome, Brother Ross, to the family of Elvin E. Helms Lodge!

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