2015 Christmas for Kelly Elementary School

Our fund raising efforts to provide Christmas gifts for students at Kelly Elementary School were successful again this year.  Our Lodge raised enough money to provide gifts for ten children who otherwise may have had very little for Christmas.  We were able to provide each child with shoes, shirts, pants, other miscellaneous clothing and toys.  Thanks to Bro. Allan Stephens for his assistance in procuring much of the clothing.  Thanks also to Bro. Jason Wallace and Mary Beth Wallace for completing the shopping and delivering the gifts to the school.  A special thanks to Shelly Hoxmeier, Family Resource Center Director, for her efforts in identifying the students in need and providing the shopping lists.  Merry Christmas to all of our friends and Kelly Elementary School.

All of the donors to our Kelly Elementary Fund had their names entered in a drawing for two $ 250 pre-paid Visa gift cards.  This year’s winners were Bro. Buddy Wallace, our Senior Warden and the Master of Burlington Lodge No. 264, and Bro. John Schmidt, of Louisville Lodge No. 400.  Congratulations to Bro. Buddy and Bro. John!

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